Nordic Voices Sing Victoria

Nordic Voices here presents the extraordinary polyphonic music of Tomás Luis de Victoria, a Spanish composer whose music has continued to move people for more than 400 years, crossing geographical, cultural, and even religious barriers.

This surround-sound recording comes ten years after a ‘warm, consistent and moving’ (BBC Music) album of Lamentations, which featured pieces by sixteenth-century composers, including Four Lessons by Victoria. Examples of the composer’s exceptional output, characterised by a careful setting of the text and an ability to control texture by a constant grouping and regrouping of different voices, here meet the artistic resourcefulness, versatility, technical precision, and freshness of the young ensemble.


  1. Quem Vidistis, Pastores
  2. Ardens Est Cor Meum
  3. Congratulamini Mihi
  4. Vexilla Regis ‘More Hispano’
  5. Tu Es Petrus
  6. Vidi Speciosam
  7. Nigra Sum Sed Formosa
  8. Salve, Regina
  9. Benedicta Sit Sancta Trinitas
  10. O Domine Jesu Christe
  11. Vadam Et Circuibo Civitatem