Nordic Voices live from Trefoldighetskirken in Oslo

Livestream from Trefoldighetskirken in Oslo

livestream from Trefoldighetskirken Oslo

9/2 20:00 (your local time)

About the stream

Everything’s gonna be alright is an optimistic program with the best music from the last 500 years. Arranged by Oslo Quartet Series in cooperation with Nordic Voices.

Vi er live på en strøm på tirsdag 9. februar kl 20:00 i samarbeid med Oslo Quartet Series – Kvartettserien strømmet på Vierlive
Everything’s gonna be alright
Et sted i Star Wars spør Luke Skywalker Yoda om den mørke siden av The Force er sterkere. Yoda ser på ham og svarer at den mørke siden er “raskere, enklere, mer forførende”. I tider som disse er det lettere å tenke på alle de dårlige tingene som skjer enn de gode, og betrakte de dårlige som noe konstant. I dette programmet presenterer Nordic Voices musikk fra den lette siden av The Force, for å si det sånn. Programmet handler om kjærlighet, om trøst og om lekenhet. Det handler om å fokusere på de gode sidene i livet, og om å synge musikk som får kinnene våre litt rødere.


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Nordic Voices Vierlive


Nordic Voices

Artistic creativity, versatility, technical precision – these are the primary ingredients of the perfect recipe for a performing arts ensemble. One other ingredient, that indescribable something that we tend to call audience appeal, makes the picture complete. These are precisely the elements that make up Nordic Voices, a six-voice a cappella group that has been making waves not only in Norway, but in places as far afield as Japan, Taiwan, Bolivia and USA.

In this program Nordic Voices presents music from the a light side. The program is about love, about comfort and about playfulness. It is about focusing on the good sides of life, and about singing music that makes our cheeks go a little bit redder, and our heart a softer.


Sopran – Tone E. Braaten

Sopran – Ingrid Hanken

Mezzosopran – Ebba Rydh

Tenor – Per Kristian Amundrød

Bariton – Frank Havrøy

Bass – Rolf Magne Schmidt Asser


Quartet Saphir

This concert begins with the taThlentful Quartet Saphir from Ung kvartettserie, whom will be playing Felix Mendelssohm string quartet Op. 12 in Ess-dur, 4. sats ‘Molto allergro e vivace’.

Quartet Saphir is a young and ambitious quartet. Playing in it is Philippe Jayer, Torje Råbu and Amanda Noor Vatn on violin and viola, and Iris Kalliovirta on cello. They are three years in a row 1st place holders at the national competition “Ungdommens musikkmesterskap”


Oslo Quartet Series

Oslo Quartet Series has since 2012 invited both international and national string quartet to their perform.

The series wish to facilitate for a frame of concerts that mediate he the artistic content in a new way. Every concert has a overarching theme where the musical program is conveyed in a broad context, and the conventional form of concert is stretched to include unusual and inspiring elements.



How long will this concert be availible after the livestream?

This concert will be availible to watch until 31st of December, 2021